Katerina Maniataki - Senior Product Designer

I love to design digital products, solving real problems.

With more than 14 years of experience, working with startups and agencies, I have crafted numerous of digital products working closely with my team and the customers, merging the gap between the business benefit and user needs. I am a data-driven designer; I love to solve complex problems and help other designers to grow.

On my free time, I am playing tennis, reading books and travel.
I love coffee, good wine, delicious greek food and be by the sea.


Measuring the User Experience in Digital Products - Katerina Maniataki

24hours of UX
June 2020

I had the chance to participate and present in a global event, bringing UX individuals from around the world together to talk and discuss UX practices and their experience.

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Athens UX Meetup
July 2016

With my team at Transifex we hosted the Athens UX meetup event and we talked about our experience redesigning Transifex platform in 2016.

Digitized Workshop
September 2014

Me and my team at Travelplanet24 (Tripsta) we delivered a workshop during the Digitized Athens Conference in 2014, going through collaborative practices to ideate and design digital experiences.

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Measuring the perceived usability of a system using the System Usability Scale

Published on uxdesign.cc | 21 April 2020

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